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Why Mortgage Funds Fail

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Over two-hundred new hard money mortgage funds have arisen from the ashes of the Great Recession. After all, its relatively easy to hire an attorney to create the legal documents to form a new mortgage fund, and private investors are flocking to these brand new outfits for a chance to earn double-digit returns. Unfortunately many of these private mortgage investors may be doomed to suffer large lossess when these new mortgage funds almost inevitably fail.

Here’s why: Most hard money mortgage funds only make bridge loans – loans with terms of two years or less. The sponsor makes two to three points for originating each loan, plus maybe 75 bps. for servicing. The bottom line is that the sponsors of these mortgage funds make 70% of their dough from originating new loans, as new deposits flow into their pools and as old loans pay off. Okay. There is nothing morally wrong with this, right? Right?

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